Natural Beauty Tips To Complement Our Beauty Gen Collagen

Natural Beauty Tips To Complement Our Beauty Gen Collagen

We are just as interested in health as we are in beauty. Which is why our Beauty Gen collagen products work to support radiance holistically from within. Adding our pure hydrolysed type I collagen to your daily routine is one powerful way to support your beauty regime, and here are a handful of other ways to help you stay radiant the holistic way:

Brush more than your hair

Dry brushing your body is thought to offer powerful beauty and health benefits to the whole body when practised habitually. It can help shed dead skin cells, work to improve skin texture (yes, that means cellulite) and promote cell renewal. It also assists in increasing circulation to your skin, which powerfully supports the lymphatic drainage of the entire body. How to do it: Use long, sweeping strokes over the entire body – particularly legs and thighs – with a natural bristle brush.

dry brush body

Rethink your pillowcase

Real silk pillowcases are cementing their place in individuals' beauty routines. Even silkier - versus actual silk - fabrics are a skin-friendly upgrade from coarser fabrics, helping to decrease the friction and skin compression that leaves us with those unwanted sleep lines every morning. Additional natural beauty tip: If you sleep on your side, try switching sides regularly; better yet – sleep on your back wherever possible.

Get serious about SPF

The sun may lift our spirits, but it certainly isn't kind to our skin. Making SPF an essential part of your skincare routine is one of the most important natural beauty tips to follow, even if you don’t spend much time outdoors or are in a cooler climate. Our bodies are covered in clothing every day of the year, yet our faces are always exposed. Protection is a must - particularly a minimum of SPF50 on the face.

spf skincare face

Bounce your way beautiful

This is the funnest of our natural beauty tips! Rebounding is climbing up the ranks as an effective and fun workout that can also easily be done at home. Rebounding as a form of exercising not only burns more calories than traditional cardio like running and cycling, but it lubricates joints with no impact, is an effective circulation booster, helps combat cellulite and can even help tauten skin too.


It’s a cliché for a reason. Drinking enough water is essential for overall good health, helping with every process in the body, from digestion and circulation to absorption and even excretion. Skin cells – like every other cell in the body – are made up of water, so plenty of quality fluids are essential for glowing skin too. Think filtered water, water with fresh lemon, homemade iced teas and coconut water. High quality hydration belongs at the top of your daily to-do list.

hydrate drink for skin

Skip the sugar

By now, we have had our fair share of warnings about this one, with good reason. Sugar is thought to be one of the biggest contributors to inflammation in the body. How do we know this? Because it can show up on the skin as acne, wrinkles and dry, itchy patches. Avoid processed foods with sugar high up on the ingredients list, and skip adding sugar to food and drinks - your skin will thank you.

Go big on micronutrients

Vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients are essential for our wellbeing – and healthy skin as well. Quality supplementation can help to keep your skin glowing, especially if you suffer from acne, eczema or other skin issues. If you struggle to take in the broad profile of micronutrients we need from a variety of fruits and veggies daily, try our Beauty Gen Collagen Beauty Greens - enriched with 50 organic superfoods, probiotics, added vitamin C and omegas.

No matter what your daily lifestyle brings, we have a Beauty Gen collagen product to suit you. Neutral powder to stir into all things sweet or savoury? Check. Delicious coffee creamer to upgrade your daily java? Got it. Sparkling beauty drink that hydrates, satiates and helps beautify on the fly? It's yours. Shop our full range of pure hydrolysed type I Beauty Gen collagen products on our online store to find your perfect fit.

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