Collagen Breakfast Recipe: Beauty Boosting Yoghurt Cups

Collagen Breakfast Recipe: Beauty Boosting Yoghurt Cups
How stunning are these Collagen Yoghurt Cups made with our 5-in-1 Beauty Greens? Not only are these a gorgeous take on a classic yoghurt and muesli breakfast, but they’re infused with health and beauty boosting Beauty Gen collagen and additional ingredients as well.

Make them ahead of time and freeze for a delicious, nutrient-packed meal in moments

Our three delicious flavours of Beauty Greens in Coconut Vanilla, Raw Cacao and Blueberry also ensure there is a yoghurt cup to suit everyone’s taste buds. Or stir our neutral-flavoured Naked Collagen or Naked Collagen +PLUS into your choice of yoghurt without affecting the flavour.
Add a little glam to your next collagen-infused breakfast – inside and out. If you loved this collagen breakfast recipe, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more Beauty Gen collagen-infused recipes just like this one.

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