Savoury Summer Collagen Recipe Ideas: Increase Collagen Intake

Savoury Summer Collagen Recipe Ideas: Increase Collagen Intake

Why pass up on any opportunity to sneak in a little extra Beauty Gen collagen? There are an abundance of collagen recipe ideas to help you incorporate collagen into drinks and puddings, but this doesn’t have to be restricted to sweet food and drink only.

This is one of our favourite, simple, quick and delicious collagen recipe ideas that let you incorporate your Beauty Gen collagen into savoury foods too. Now, even an afternoon of simple summer snacks and drinks can helo you increase collagen intake at the same time.

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Summer Collagen Platter

  • Chop up a selection of crudités: carrots, cucumber, celery, baby corn, mange tout. Supplement with baked corn chips, if that is your preference.
  • Buy a selection of ready-made dips: we like red pepper hummus, guacamole, sour cream and chives.
  • Stir a serving of Naked Collagen +PLUS into each dip.
  • Serve and enjoy. Add Collagen Beauty Drinks to the menu for an added collagen boost.

Ready to get glowing with this gorgeous savoury summer collagen recipe? Shop our Beauty Gen collagen products: Collagen Beauty Drinks and Naked Collagen +PLUS (with added buffered vitamin C and probiotics).

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