Is Collagen Good For Sleep?

Is Collagen Good For Sleep?

In recent years, health authorities have cast a spotlight on sleep and its importance for our general wellbeing. Rather than simply a nice-to-have, getting enough quality sleep has gained recognition as an essential pillar for health.

The consequences may therefore be severe if we shirk on our shut-eye. Much like water, sleep influences most of our bodily processes, and getting too little of the good stuff can have widespread effects on the body, such as:

-      A weakened immune system

-      Higher risk of heart disease

-      Increased risk of diabetes

-      Irritability and mood changes

-      Overeating

-      Digestive issues

The good news here is a) you’ve got an excellent reason to add sleep to your to-do list and consider yourself productive if you catch more winks, and b) there are some reasonable steps to take towards getting better sleep, and one of those is prioritising your collagen routine (our Beauty Gen collagen products can help here). So, does this make collagen good for sleep?

As you likely know by now, collagen is an essential protein made up of amino acids with a myriad of impressive health and beauty benefits. It can help improve the health and appearance of our skin, hair, nails and joints, supports healthy digestion and keeps us feeling fuller for longer too.

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Glycine is the most dominant amino acid found in collagen, and here are the ways it supports our wellbeing:

-      Aids in the digestion of foods

-      Helps produce energy for the muscles and brain 

-      Aids in regulating blood sugar 

-      Helps make the hormone serotonin that aids in mood and sleep functionality  

Since the typical western diet doesn’t make use of animal products the way our ancestors did (think: eating fish skin and bones, boiling the bones of animals for hours), it is usually lacking in the amino acids we find in collagen, including glycine. The good news is that supplementing with hydrolysed collagen peptides, such as those found in our full range of Beauty Gen collagen products, is an easy way to up your daily intake of this important amino acid.

A low dose of roughly 3 g of glycine an hour or two before bedtime has been cited as beneficial for a more restful night’s sleep, and some of our products include 2.3 g glycine per serving. And since glycine is found in collagen, that makes collagen good for sleep. This is a great reason to take our Beauty Gen collagen products a little closer to bedtime – we think our Collagen Hot Chocolate is a deliciously convenient way to do this.

If you want to take collagen to promote a good night's sleep, there are a number of different ways to incorporate it into your diet. Try our Beauty Greens for delicious 5-in-1 beauty benefits, stir our Naked Collagen into food and drink without a trace, or sip on our sparkling sugar-free Collagen Beauty Drinks for delicious refreshment.

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